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Mobile File Storage Ideal for Your Office

Stay HIPAA-complaint with the security file storage systems offered by DM Storage Solutions. With the option of stackable shelving units, or double-sided rotary units, our file organization and protection units are perfect for any institutional, healthcare, education, or business office use. We also offer accessories and filing supplies, including:

  • Casters
  • Cord Wrap Hardware
  • Extra Handles
  • Hanging Folders
  • Locks
  • Power Centers

Ez2 Rotary Action File


Keep files in your warehouse, healthcare office, archival room, athletic setting, or business organized and safe with the MobileTrak5. Easily configured to adhere to your current shelving, this product features stackable shelves, non-grouted tracks, and grouted tracks, which can all be moved and relocated to accommodate your needs and fit your space. An enclosed drive mechanism and external chain tensioner eliminates the need to move panels for adjustment and prevents the carriages from moving while in use.

Ez2® Rotary Action File

This double-sided rotary storage unit is very efficient and ideal for organizing legal size and letter size files, binders, and office supplies. It can also be used for industrial and weapons storage. The double-sided, space-saving design provides access from both sides and can be used as a room divider. It does not require a foot pedal and is available in two to eight shelf openings. This file storage unit comes fully assembled so it's ready to use right out of the box.

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